Need to stop a bit with the tiles

Hi guys, how are you?
So, i’ll need to stop my school/university collections for sometime near 40d, because I received a big commission (Is a whole pack), so I’ll try to make the school tiles too, but it’s difficult because don’t rest much time with my real work and my hobby work.

Curiosity: I’ll need to stop my university pack to work on exclusive university tiles, hahahaha

Anyway, i’m really liking this commission, and i guess we can have better packs in the future:

Other advice

Guys, i’m working on a page on my site, called projects using my graphics, where I put some games with my tiles. If you want to put, just send me 1~3 pictures of your game using the contact tab. Your game doesn’t need to have the whole map using my tiles, using just 1 tiles in one picture still deserve the right to go to my page. Anyway, if you have interest, contact me. 🙂

Modern+ Outside Basic

2 tiles in one week, this is a record. This tile it’s more simple, because we have various traffic/road signs, and nothing really bigger. I’ll start the 3rd tileset today. 😀
I’m liking to make this outside pack. On my plans this pack will have like 4 – 6 tilesets, one tile A3, one tile A2 and, something of tile A1 too.

• (MV)Modern+ Inner Base Pack

Modern+ Interior Basic MV contains the basic tiles from inside of a modern city buildings, focused on residencial constructions. This is a remaked pack based on my Ace tileset. We have variation of many tiles, like TVs, bench, stove, sink, bookshelves, aquarium, computer and etc. This pack contains:

  • 4 Inner tilesets: Bathroom Tileset, Kitcheen Tileset, Room Tileset and Living Room Tileset.
  • 2 Chars of animated objects: TV & Washing Machine
  • One A5 Tileset
  • One A4 Tileset
  • Miscs tiles included on tileset, to mapping freely (objects)
  • Bonus: A4 Tileset (Recolours and edits)
  • Bonus: Rug Tileset with differente colours and textures.
  • Resource suport requests

After buying, the pack will be sended to your in less than 24h. Any issue, correction or suport contact us replying the e-mail or using the contact page. The pack it’s on Commercial license, founded on homepage.

My site doesn’t allow put a virtual store directly, unless i make an expensive upgrade. So please, be patient and we’ll send you more fast than we can.

PS: You need an Paypal account to buy.
(because i need your e-mail)

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Modern+ Inner Basic MV


Modern+ Basics MV

Contains inside and outside tileset.