Kauzz Pixel Forest | 16×16

Forest Tiles

An  pixel art tileset

Warning: This pack still is an W.I.P, so more files will be added

This is my first pixel art pack, and my first plataform tileset too. I’ve made this pack because recently I’ve started to work with GMS2, and downloaded the SunnyLand Forest, by Ansimuz. I love that style and started to redraw the tiles, using the same palette. I’ve took a lot of references from this pack on my first tiles (trees and bushes), and actually I’m able to make the tiles on my own.

This pack contains tiles like: Trees, rocks, wines, bushes (a lot), walls, roofs, floors, water, mine carts, rails, tables, bookshelfs, tall grass, bridges, stairs, signs, farm stuff, mushrooms and more. You be able to make at least 3 different maps with those tiles, like: Forest, Caves, Lakes/Underwater, and Interior maps

Pack includes:

• At least 100 tiles
• 2 Trees 
• 2 Backgrounds
• An frog, an snake and a fish
• Smoke and fire particles
• Animated Seaweed, Tree and Bush
• Animated water for Swamp and Lake
• Bubbles, Coins and some other animated stuff

I’ve used the PixelFX Editor and the JuicyFX to animate some particles and tiles.

Pixel Forest (Plataform)

Contains Pixel Forest Assets (Tiles, BG, Sprites)