Need to stop a bit with the tiles

Hi guys, how are you?
So, i’ll need to stop my school/university collections for sometime near 40d, because I received a big commission (Is a whole pack), so I’ll try to make the school tiles too, but it’s difficult because don’t rest much time with my real work and my hobby work.

Curiosity: I’ll need to stop my university pack to work on exclusive university tiles, hahahaha

Anyway, i’m really liking this commission, and i guess we can have better packs in the future:

Other advice

Guys, i’m working on a page on my site, called projects using my graphics, where I put some games with my tiles. If you want to put, just send me 1~3 pictures of your game using the contact tab. Your game doesn’t need to have the whole map using my tiles, using just 1 tiles in one picture still deserve the right to go to my page. Anyway, if you have interest, contact me. 🙂

• (MV)Modern+ Outside Base Pack

Modern+ Outside Basic contains the basic files from outside of a modern city buildings, focused on residential, suburbs, and commercial areas. This is a expansion of Modern+ collection, and fits with the Modern+ Inner Basic. This pack contains tiles for make outside buildings like: Houses, hotels, gas stations, coffes, parks, buildings, roads and etc.

  • 5 Tilesets: Residential tileset, Road tileset, General Commercial stuff and outdoors and outside tiles
  • 1 Charset of 4 doors with recolours
  • 1 A5 tileset
  • 1 A4 tileset
  • 1 A2 tileset
  • Bonus: A bridge tileset.
  • Bonus: Sideview carset pack included
  • Bonus: A little shop inner tiles from Commerce Basic
  • Resource suport requests

After buying, the pack will be sended to your in less than 24h. Any issue, correction or suport contact us replying the e-mail or using the contact page. The pack it’s on Commercial license, founded on homepage.

My site doesn’t allow put a virtual store directly, unless i make an expensive upgrade. So please, be patient and we’ll send you more fast than we can.

PS: You need an Paypal account to buy.
(because i need your e-mail)

Hi guys, first of all, thanks for support. 🙂
So, i’m not very happy with this pack, because i wanted to put a lot of more things (including better cars) but my time is very short. I’m working on some personal projects and making some commissions, so my time with my collections is very very short now. 😦
I had plans to make an update on this pack in the future, adding some better cars and things like that, but for now i can’t make this, so I decided to release the pack. My intention for this pack is set the price on $15,00 but, because of the pack isn’t complete i’ll set the price on $11,00. Any update maded on this pack will be sended for free for buyers as a gift, and after i really finish i’ll set the price to $13 – $15.
Anyway, hope you like.
Thank you ♥

Modern+ Outside Basic

Contains Modern+ Outside Basic


Modern+ Basic

Contains inside and outside tileset.


Fantasy Forest Commission

Hi people, this week i’ve stopped a little bit the Modern+ Outside, because i’ve worked with some commisions. I’ve maded some natural tilesets for an customer. Take a look:

If you want exclusive graphics for your project too, see my commission page, clicking hereI’ve update some prices too. Check it out. 😉