Country Woods – Base pack

Country Woods – Base Pack

Country Woods – Base Pack


Country Woods is a base pack based on some other styles of tileset and on other collection mine, called Pixel Art Forest Plataformer. This tileset use more non-saturated colors, and I avoid use anti-aliasing on the shapes, leaving the pixels more visibles. This collection is based on 40’s – 90’s, and contains high inspirations on Victorian styles. The idea of this pack is elevate the idea from the “medieval” rpgs, bringing some old assets but not too ancient from medieval age. I pretend to expand and give priority to this pack if the results of sales was good, working on new biomes, areas, and maybe dedicating entire packs to make only one kind of tiles (one complete pack about forests, for example).

This pack is made on 48×48 scale, but you can adapt for your project, and depending the size of the sprites of your project you can use with 32×32 scales too. The spritesheet are in Rpg Maker format (all the frames in one sheet) and you can split them on your engine (since the sizes is 48×96)

This pack contains:
– 1 tileset to make farms
– 1tileset to make swamps
– 1 tileset to make houses(exterior) and caves
– 1 tileset to make houses(interior)
– 1 tileset with edits (+ preset houses and editions)
– 1 tileset with roofs (houses)

– 1 water tileset | with 8 different water pieces (recolor) and waterfalls
– 1 ground tileset | with grass, bushes, roads, paths, cliffs and etc
– 1 wall tileset | with walls and cliffs
– 1 floor tileset (with 20+ pieces of floors)

– 30 sprites (3 framed) with 12 different poses
– 2 trees animated (wind)
– 1 smoke sprite
– 26 doors sprites

– 1 recolored tileset (A4)
– 2 recolored tileset (A1)


– Commercial or non-commercial projects.  –
Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed 
– You are allow to use in whatever you want.
– Modifys and adaptations allowed too
– Don’t need a copyright notation (don’t need credits)
– Not allowed to repost, sell the tiles, or upload the tiles separately