Resource Suport

Hello. This is the Resource Support page. In this post i’ll explain how this works. When you buy a pack from my store including a Resource Support item you can contact me if you want some modification on a tile. Maybe i’m working on a new collection, or making other requests of modifications when you submit, so i can take more time to made. Heavy editions probably will be rejected (Like take a fishing boat and transform into a Cruise Ship).

Frequently requests:

  • Wardrobes, bookshelfs doors open.
  • Change colors (recolour).
  • Make some ‘broken’ effect tile.
  • Add Light/Shadow
  • Make a new little part on tile
  • Etc

When you want to submit a tile, send me the tile. You need to show me exactly what tile you need to edit. You can just take a snapshot from your screen and highlight that tile.
Don’t forgot to explain me EXACTLY how you want, to we don’t have any issue and save time.

To submit an request, you just need to reply my confirmation e-mail (the e-mail with tiles) with those informations:

  • Name
  • Country
  • Tile
  • Description

Anyway, I apreciate you help, so, thank you.