Projects using my graphics

Submit your game to show him here, just send me few screens your project page and a little description. 🙂

Rosary of the Reaper

The story follows the main protagonist, Kanna Izaki, an epileptic teenage pennsylvanian girl. Kanna awakens to find herself in a mysterious place she’s never been before, and is greeted by someone she’s never met. Confused, Kanna attempts to recollect her memories, but, she is incapable of remembering what happened the previous day, the date of her birthday. Stranger yet, Kanna learns there are inhabitants in the strange and dark world she’s found herself in, but, to her own surprise, she’s the real enigma, as the residents claim she was found unconscious in the woods, having apparently been there for a staggering 6 months. As Kanna begins to recovery her memories, dark secrets are revealed, including the nature of the mystical environment she’s trapped in, and the twisted nature of her very existence.

Made by Yomi, click here for Twitter, or here for Tumblr page

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle is a series of anime-themed graphic adventure games, in which you play the role of a defence attorney. Fledge City is in crisis, and it’s up to Nina Aquila and her friends to make sure justice prevails!

Made by EthanFox, click here to see the project

You also can see their website or Twitter

Reiki Hunter

Two average guys, Kyle and Lyla, are suddenly trown in a brand new reality as they learn that their world is inhabited by ethereal creatures with elemental powers: the “Reiki“. This discovery will mark the start of a jurney, both literally and metaphorically, as thet learn more about themseles, and at the same time they will unveil dark truth: An invisble treath impends upon the two worlds. Will they be able to overcome the odd? Perhaps they are the chosen ones…

Made by Montironi Games