Buying guide

Well, this page helps you with any doubt about buying some pack. For Paypal users, the method is very familiar, so, i’ll help who don’t have an account yet (and yes, you will need an account)

First, click on buy button of the pack wanted. A new window will open in your browser, it’s an paypal tab. Here you will inform your informations, including credit card number, name, address and things like that. After you put all the information, probably paypal will ask you to login, or create a new account. It’s very simple (like an e-mail), and you don’t need to have any special document, just your basics informations to create an paypal account.

After that, maybe you will need to confirm your credit card on paypal page, following her instructions to valid.

This video teach how to confirm your credit card:

Ok, after all, you just need to finish your transation on my blog.
Maybe you have some camp to put some aditional information, so, if you can, write your e-mail again.

Sometimes, paypal it’s a little hard to work. Maybe you will have some error on your credit card. It’s really sad. So, you have some options to solve this problem.

First, you can contact the support of paypal, sometimes your card it’s blocked by paypal, so you need to talk to him to allow buy again with then. It’s very quickie.

Maybe your credit card are blocked, so, you can try other card too.

If you don’t have time to do this, or any card are working, you can just e-mail me (using the contact me tab). Just say what pack you want, and i’ll help you to buy with other method.

That’s all 🙂