Country Woods – Forest Lake

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Country Woods is a base pack based on some other styles of tileset and on other collection mine, called Pixel Art Forest Plataformer. This tileset use more non-saturated colors, and I avoid use anti-aliasing on the shapes, leaving the pixels more visibles. This collection is based on 40’s – 90’s, and contains some inspirations on Victorian styles.

This pack is made on 48×48 scale, but you can adapt for your project, and depending the size of the sprites of your project you can use with 32×32 scales too. The spritesheet are in Rpg Maker format (all the frames in one sheet) and you can split them on your engine (since the sizes is 48×96)

Just a note: For the “autotiles” like paths and walls, you can split them into 16×16 or 12×12.

Caution: The Light Effect isn’t included

This pack contains (23 files):
– 1 Tileset to build camps
– 1 Tileset with trees, cliffs, and river paths
– 1 Tileset to build cliffs (custom shapes)
– 1 Tileset with bushes, vegetations, slim-trees, and leaves
– 1 Tileset with an giant tree 
– 1 Tileset with another giant tree with a treehouse

– 1 Tileset with water and waterfalls
– 1 Tileset with ground and paths
– 1 Tileset with seamless trees
– 1 tileset with the floor, including an more natural floor
– Include more 2 water autotiles

Animated Fire and Campfire
– 15 Human sprites, in both gender (female and male)
Totalizing 23 sprites


Country Woods – Forest Lake

Contains the Country Woods Forest Lake pack