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Hi Guys, so, i’m making comissions too, to MV and Ace. You can ‘submit’ your request using the contact tab, remember to detail what you want, send me some references of tile, reference of map (where the tile go on your map), and i’ll send you the price of tile. Usually i make 2 versions of tiles, but this isn’t a rule, so, sometimes i give you another version of tile (FREE, YAY).

The prices it’s about $1 – $5 per tile (32×32 or 48×48) depending what you need. (More details, more expensive). When you make a comission request, you’re allowing me to use your tile as base on another tile mine, relax, i’ll dont sell your request, just use as a referencer, and maybe some future tile mine looks similiar. If you don’t want i use, and want a total personal use, it’s included an $1,00 tax per piece (per tile) on your final price.

Ace usually have the minor prices, and MV the manor.

SizesMin. – Max price
32×32 or 48×48$1,00 – $4,00
64×32 or 96×48$3,00 – $7,00
64×64 or 96×96$5,00 – $10,00
96×96 or 128×128$8,00 – $20,00
256×512 or 384×768$40,00 – $70,00

For individual tiles, you will receive the final version of tile on your e-mail (with water mark and little resized). You DON’T need to pay if you think the tile isn’t what you want or what you expected. If you like it, you will receive the final tile after the transation.

I’m able to make half tilesets (128 tiles). In this case, i’ll made half of half (WHAT) tile, or a minor proportion of tiles and send to you. If you like it of how tiles looks, you need to pay me $25 before i finish. When i finish, i’ll send you again to see all the tiles. If you don’t like of result, you can cancel the request, and i’ll send you the first half of tile to use. On half tilesets, the tax to personal use it’s $10. Usually, i took 1 – 2 weeks per tileset. Cancel a request allow me to sell the entire tileset as mine tileset on a collection.

Usually i send tiles on a charset format, to just map on rpg maker without add a new tileset), but if you want i can put on a tileset too.

ATTENTION: I love my work, and love my tiles too, I love to make maps using my tiles, and i can’t use any tile of other artist (I like to use only mine resources) so I use my commission tiles on my projects. Commissioned tiles are allowed only on my project and the owner projects.

Actually, i only have one project: Final Heart

So, this is a template of request (Just copy and paste on the
contact tab)

Description: (Describe your tile)
Engine: (Ace or MV)
Sizes: (32×32, 48×96…)
References: (Some image to be based)
Map reference: (if you have, send me your map to see your mapping style and the other tiles used)
Base license? (Yes if i can use your tile as base too, No if you don’t want your tile on some pack mine)

The payments are maded on PayPal too.

Different prices for Brazilians

Thank you. 🙂

Ok, this is the last, i promise.