• (ACE)Modern+ Study Time

This pack contains tiles for make an inside school like: Tables, bookshelfs, basketball stuff, soccer stuff, music instruments, refectory tiles, lockers, computers, bathrooms, food machines, plants, boards, pool and etc. Contains tiles with 4 angles, to make more realistic rooms.

• 1 Tileset to corridors and refectory 
• 1 Tileset to classrooms 
• 1 Tileset to music instruments and bathrooms 
• 1 Tileset to sports 
• 1 Tileset to walls 
• 1 Tileset to floor 
• 1 Charset to doors (3 models with recolours)
• Bonus: A5 floor from Inner Basic

This tileset was made on 32×32 format, and can be used in any engine.  


– Commercial or non-commercial projects. 
– Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed  
– You are allow to use in whatever you want. 
– Modifys and adaptations allowed too 
– Don’t need a copyright notation (don’t need credits) 
– Not allowed to repost, sell the tiles, or upload the tiles separately.​

Modern+ Study Time (ACE)

Contains the Modern+ Study Time on 32x32 sizes (ACE)


My little project

These last days I’m working on my little project, and I’m proud to show a bit of the project on my website. It was so fun code/draw him, but not all the graphics are mine, i’ve started the project using an asset pack by Ansimuz called “Sunnyland“, but on the video you will see a lot of tiles made by me in the same style (coins, tree, bushes, water, floor pieces, that wooden house (inside and outside), fences, the swamp tiles and etc are all mine), and I’m thinking to release an asset pack of plataform tiles in the next days. You can take a look on some screens of this project above:

PS: The music is made by Eric Matyas from Soundimage

(In this screen I guess is everything made by me, except the player sprite)

Futuristic/Fantasy Tram

Made this tram last week, and only now have time to post. 🙂
Actually working on other 2 maps, have 2 tileset commissions too (big tilesets), probably more 1 commission of an entire collection + mapping and more 1 map upcoming, so I’m a littly busy till the end of the year, I guess

Asset: Tilesets
License of the tile: Exclusive to Cristine M. projects