Country Woods – Forest Lake

Country Woods - Forest Lake

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Country Woods is a base pack based on some other styles of tileset and on other collection mine, called Pixel Art Forest Plataformer. This tileset use more non-saturated colors, and I avoid use anti-aliasing on the shapes, leaving the pixels more visibles. This collection is based on 40’s – 90’s, and contains some inspirations on Victorian styles.

This pack is made on 48×48 scale, but you can adapt for your project, and depending the size of the sprites of your project you can use with 32×32 scales too. The spritesheet are in Rpg Maker format (all the frames in one sheet) and you can split them on your engine (since the sizes is 48×96)

Just a note: For the “autotiles” like paths and walls, you can split them into 16×16 or 12×12.

Caution: The Light Effect isn’t included

This pack contains (23 files):
– 1 Tileset to build camps
– 1 Tileset with trees, cliffs, and river paths
– 1 Tileset to build cliffs (custom shapes)
– 1 Tileset with bushes, vegetations, slim-trees, and leaves
– 1 Tileset with an giant tree 
– 1 Tileset with another giant tree with a treehouse

– 1 Tileset with water and waterfalls
– 1 Tileset with ground and paths
– 1 Tileset with seamless trees
– 1 tileset with the floor, including an more natural floor
– Include more 2 water autotiles

Animated Fire and Campfire
– 15 Human sprites, in both gender (female and male)
Totalizing 23 sprites

Country Woods – Forest Lake

Country Woods – Forest Lake Tileset

US$ 10,90

Country Woods and Giant Tree

I made a new grass tile for Country Woods, but unfortunatelly those tiles can’t be placed on the Base Pack I. I’m releasing them on my Patreon as an Early Access (just $3 per month) or you can wait till the next collection to have them.

I’m working on some Giant trees too, check out. This new tree will be available soon on my Patreon, and on the next pack too. 🙂

• (ACE)Modern+ Study Time

This pack contains tiles for make an inside school like: Tables, bookshelfs, basketball stuff, soccer stuff, music instruments, refectory tiles, lockers, computers, bathrooms, food machines, plants, boards, pool and etc. Contains tiles with 4 angles, to make more realistic rooms.

• 1 Tileset to corridors and refectory 
• 1 Tileset to classrooms 
• 1 Tileset to music instruments and bathrooms 
• 1 Tileset to sports 
• 1 Tileset to walls 
• 1 Tileset to floor 
• 1 Charset to doors (3 models with recolours)
• Bonus: A5 floor from Inner Basic

This tileset was made on 32×32 format, and can be used in any engine.  


– Commercial or non-commercial projects. 
– Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed  
– You are allow to use in whatever you want. 
– Modifys and adaptations allowed too 
– Don’t need a copyright notation (don’t need credits) 
– Not allowed to repost, sell the tiles, or upload the tiles separately.​

Modern+ Study Time (ACE)

Contains the Modern+ Study Time on 32x32 sizes (ACE)


My little project

These last days I’m working on my little project, and I’m proud to show a bit of the project on my website. It was so fun code/draw him, but not all the graphics are mine, i’ve started the project using an asset pack by Ansimuz called “Sunnyland“, but on the video you will see a lot of tiles made by me in the same style (coins, tree, bushes, water, floor pieces, that wooden house (inside and outside), fences, the swamp tiles and etc are all mine), and I’m thinking to release an asset pack of plataform tiles in the next days. You can take a look on some screens of this project above:

PS: The music is made by Eric Matyas from Soundimage

(In this screen I guess is everything made by me, except the player sprite)