Modern+ Inner Basic Demo

So, this guy on asked me for a demo of Modern+, to see how tiles works on your own project, so i decided to put some tiles (11 tiles) on a little tileset, for free, to people see a little bit of whole pack. I saved them as a tileset, so, just save on your tileset folder and you can use those tiles for free. 😉

You only can use this Demo files on non-commercial projects. For commercial projects, you need to buy the pack on Modern+ store link or on my page.

Site open!

Yes, let’s party! So, finally my site is open. I didn’t put all that i plan, the site it’s “under construction” for a while. I hope you liked it, it cost me so much, so, if you can help me with donations, comissions or buying my pack, i’ll be very glad. ❤

Okay, today i was testing some MV sprites, i was thinking the tiles can be used with MV sprites, and, yeah, we can use, the sizes fits very well, BUT, the size of MV it’s very bigger, and when i put on MV template we have much blank spaces on tileset, the tiles have very different sizes in comparsion with RTP (my tiles fit with chars, but don’t fit with tiles), so i’m thinking to redraw all my Modern+ collection on MV size. This cost me much time, like 2 or 3 months, i don’t know what i did first, if i finish the Modern+ outdoor collection first, or if I start to work on MV size. Anyway, i didn’t like the 48×48 grid (i hate) and i love 32×32 grid, but… idk, i’ll think this week about what i do. haha. 🙂

May you have some trouble if you try to buy Modern+, so, if you have, take a look on Buying guide.
Anyway, i’m new on paypal, please be patient. ❤