Testing Outside tiles 1

Today it’s my last day on my work, this means i’ll have more time for make tilesets, so today i decided to open my Rpg Maker and test my tiles from Modern+ Outside. This pack isn’t complete yet, i guess i’ll made more Tiles and i didn’t make any A1-A5 tileset (except for these walls on print). Anyway, this is how Outside tiles is looking now with some RTP tiles:

I notice some shadows is missing on tiles, and some elements are looking little weird, so in the next weeks i’ll correct this graphic bugs, and i’ll be back when i have an sample more cool/finished. Thank you. 🙂

Modern+ Outside Basic

2 tiles in one week, this is a record. This tile it’s more simple, because we have various traffic/road signs, and nothing really bigger. I’ll start the 3rd tileset today. 😀
I’m liking to make this outside pack. On my plans this pack will have like 4 – 6 tilesets, one tile A3, one tile A2 and, something of tile A1 too.

Free Tile

Hi people, well, today i found some “old” tile on my living room tileset. I’ve maded this tiles to Modern+ MV, but i don’t like him too much, so i’m giving you as a free sample. Probably i’ll edit this tile, finish some highlights, apply some texture and etc.

To save this tile it’s easy. You just need to right click on image and select “save as…” option. Note: This tile isn’t setted on any template, so you will need to put on your map using some editor, like photoshop, gimp, paint.net or put on a tileset. This is originally maded to MV, but i think it works on Ace too. This tiles it’s on commercial license, founded on my homepage.

Modern+ Mv Conversion

Hello. So, today i’m working again on living room tiles, i’m putting more modern tiles, because i think my tiles aren’t modern, or didn’t had modern stuff enough. I made this today, and probably i’ll adapt to Ace template on this week, so, who buy my Ace pack will receive this tiles for free on e-mail.
I think i took more 3 weeks to finish the whole conversion…