Commissions and examples from CW

Hi guys, so, in the last 10 days I’ve received a lot of work from my university, and I’ve needed to work only on them, so the commission queue stopped a bit. I still have some things to do to my university, but I guess I can back to work on commissions.

Anyway, I’m sharing a little “demo” from Country Woods base pack. Take a look!

I’m trying to make an port to Rpg Maker ACE too… 🙂

Commissions and a new collection

Hi Guys, last week i’ve been working on some commissions and a new collection. My computer broked last week and i’m waiting for my new PC, but i guess only next week i can back to work.

Anyway, here is the tiles:

Attention: This tiles cannot be used in any way!

Commission I
Commission II

If you like my tiles, and want some personal tiles for your project, visit my commission page. 🙂

Anyway, here is a little progress of my new pack. I’m working on school/university tiles, and I started with the music instruments. 🙂

This pack is an Add-on, with less tiles (1 A5, 1 A4 and 2-4 TilesetB)
And will cost $10, like the other packs.

The Drums isn’t finished yet. I used guitar and piano as inspiration from the first commission, but this tiles are completely redrawed.