Commissions and examples from CW

Hi guys, so, in the last 10 days I’ve received a lot of work from my university, and I’ve needed to work only on them, so the commission queue stopped a bit. I still have some things to do to my university, but I guess I can back to work on commissions.

Anyway, I’m sharing a little “demo” from Country Woods base pack. Take a look!

I’m trying to make an port to Rpg Maker ACE too… 🙂

Pixel Art commissions

Hello. I’m opening commissions for Pixel Art, since my artwork is more to an mix with pixel art and digital painting. The pixel art commissions will be sended to my Co-worker, who will work with me in some asset packs too. Her prices is very low and you can make your charsets, battlers, facesets and etc with a low cost.


Charset: $8 (4 directions / 3 framed)
Faceset: $15 (4 expressions)
Battlerset(Small): $8
Battlerset(Big): $15

For other services, use the contact tab and specify what you want.
To make an commission request, use the contact tab, and just specify it’s an Pixel Art commission.