Pixel Art commissions

Hello. I’m opening commissions for Pixel Art, since my artwork is more to an mix with pixel art and digital painting. The pixel art commissions will be sended to my Co-worker, who will work with me in some asset packs too. Her prices is very low and you can make your charsets, battlers, facesets and etc with a low cost.


Charset: $8 (4 directions / 3 framed)
Faceset: $15 (4 expressions)
Battlerset(Small): $8
Battlerset(Big): $15

For other services, use the contact tab and specify what you want.
To make an commission request, use the contact tab, and just specify it’s an Pixel Art commission.

Free tiles #6

Free resources (Finally!)
These are previews/editions from my upcoming or old packs
Sorry for don’t post something new in the last months, i’m very busy and don’t have much time even to work on my collections (because i have a lot of requests hahahaha ♥ )

And, few days ago someone enter in my house and steal my dear PS4 and my TV, so in this last days i was looking this things to buy again.

This first one is a request for someone who buyed my ACE pack, and i like it. When i see my “old tiles” (ACE) i was like WAT, my tiles are very different now, and i made this tiles 1 – 2 years ago

Commissions and a new collection

Hi Guys, last week i’ve been working on some commissions and a new collection. My computer broked last week and i’m waiting for my new PC, but i guess only next week i can back to work.

Anyway, here is the tiles:

Attention: This tiles cannot be used in any way!

Commission I
Commission II

If you like my tiles, and want some personal tiles for your project, visit my commission page. 🙂

Anyway, here is a little progress of my new pack. I’m working on school/university tiles, and I started with the music instruments. 🙂

This pack is an Add-on, with less tiles (1 A5, 1 A4 and 2-4 TilesetB)
And will cost $10, like the other packs.

The Drums isn’t finished yet. I used guitar and piano as inspiration from the first commission, but this tiles are completely redrawed.