Map Commissions

So, a customer asked me to me make a map using my tiles for they project, and I liked the idea. Here is the final result. I’ve sended him some LFX Layers with some “day-time-filters”.

This map costs near $12, and if someone wants map commission too. I only accept maps using my tiles (or at least 80%), and if you already have my tiles i give you a discount.

You can use the same form of commission page for tilesets, but if I like the idea i’ll make an page only for map commissions.

Need to stop a bit with the tiles

Hi guys, how are you?
So, i’ll need to stop my school/university collections for sometime near 40d, because I received a big commission (Is a whole pack), so I’ll try to make the school tiles too, but it’s difficult because don’t rest much time with my real work and my hobby work.

Curiosity: I’ll need to stop my university pack to work on exclusive university tiles, hahahaha

Anyway, i’m really liking this commission, and i guess we can have better packs in the future:

Other advice

Guys, i’m working on a page on my site, called projects using my graphics, where I put some games with my tiles. If you want to put, just send me 1~3 pictures of your game using the contact tab. Your game doesn’t need to have the whole map using my tiles, using just 1 tiles in one picture still deserve the right to go to my page. Anyway, if you have interest, contact me. 🙂

Commissions and a new collection

Hi Guys, last week i’ve been working on some commissions and a new collection. My computer broked last week and i’m waiting for my new PC, but i guess only next week i can back to work.

Anyway, here is the tiles:

Attention: This tiles cannot be used in any way!

Commission I
Commission II

If you like my tiles, and want some personal tiles for your project, visit my commission page. 🙂

Anyway, here is a little progress of my new pack. I’m working on school/university tiles, and I started with the music instruments. 🙂

This pack is an Add-on, with less tiles (1 A5, 1 A4 and 2-4 TilesetB)
And will cost $10, like the other packs.

The Drums isn’t finished yet. I used guitar and piano as inspiration from the first commission, but this tiles are completely redrawed.