• (ACE)Modern+ Study Time

This pack contains tiles for make an inside school like: Tables, bookshelfs, basketball stuff, soccer stuff, music instruments, refectory tiles, lockers, computers, bathrooms, food machines, plants, boards, pool and etc. Contains tiles with 4 angles, to make more realistic rooms.

• 1 Tileset to corridors and refectory 
• 1 Tileset to classrooms 
• 1 Tileset to music instruments and bathrooms 
• 1 Tileset to sports 
• 1 Tileset to walls 
• 1 Tileset to floor 
• 1 Charset to doors (3 models with recolours)
• Bonus: A5 floor from Inner Basic

This tileset was made on 32×32 format, and can be used in any engine.  


– Commercial or non-commercial projects. 
– Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed  
– You are allow to use in whatever you want. 
– Modifys and adaptations allowed too 
– Don’t need a copyright notation (don’t need credits) 
– Not allowed to repost, sell the tiles, or upload the tiles separately.​

Modern+ Study Time (ACE)

Contains the Modern+ Study Time on 32x32 sizes (ACE)


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