Modern+ Inner – MV Conversion

Heeeeey! So, first of all, i’m glad you’re liking Modern+ Inner (for Ace). I have some customers this week, so i hope you enjoy it my tiles, and i’m very very very veeeeery gladful.
Soon i’ll be working on exclusive tiles for customers, based on Modern+ Inner. 🙂

Well, this week i’m working on Modern+ Inner MV Conversion. I started with bathroom tiles, because i think that tiles are the most hard to recreate (basically, the tiles are pure white, and it’s very boring work with one color), so, today i’ll post my progress until now. You can see at background the Ace tiles, resized to use as base.

Remember, the ‘conversions’ it’s only based on Ace tiles, i didn’t expect the tiles be equal and i expect you too don’t. It’s an rework, and not an resize.

So, i’ll take more 2 or 3 months to finish the whole collection, and i back to work on Modern+ Outside tiles (For Ace).

Thank you. 🙂

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