Hello stranger, and welcome! My name is Kauê Luchetta, i’m Brazilian and i make tilesets since 2014. I’m learning everyday how to upgrade my skills with new tiles. I never made any class of tilesets, pixel art, or whatever, so, i’m learning making tiles on my own. AND (i suspect you saw that) my english isn’t much accurate, so probably i’ll change some words on my blog hahaha (Sorry)

I work with commercial tilesets now, but I have some free tilesets, you can found them on Blog > Media. You can find more tiles on Store window too. If you use some tile mine and want to donate anything, like $2 it’s very helpful and i’m be very glad.

On Blog window you can find my newest updates, upcoming tiles, works, editions, advices and other more things. You can leave a comment too on my posts, and you dont need an account to do this. Your feedback is welcome.

If you want, you can follow my facebook page.

Lets talk about usage?

Terms of Use:
Don’t claim yours.
– Copyright notation (Send me your project, image, etc) or, just credit me. (valid for free tiles)

To send me your project you can use the “Contact” window to sent me your blog, site, project… It’s free and don’t need an account.

License for free Tiles:
– Non-commercial projects.
– Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed
– Commercial use allowed, but we thanks if you can donate something to help us. (Seriously, like $2 it’s WOW for us)

License for paid Tiles (Store tiles):
– Commercial or non-commercial projects.
– Any engine: Unity, Construct, Game Maker, RPG Maker… allowed
– You are allow to use in whatever you want.
– Modifys and adaptations allowed too
– Don’t need a copyright notation (don’t need credits)

If you have any question, doubt or anything, you can contact me using the contact window on menu or posting a comment in the blog.